Our Brand

nefarious.pngWelcome to Makeup Monsters! My brand was officially founded January 1st 2015 in Spokane, Washington by me, Samantha. I have a wacky imagination, I love all things bright and creepy cute and I stay true to myself. I believe we are all beautifully different and should embrace that part of ourselves unapologetically. That is the very basis of what my brand stands for.

At Makeup Monsters, we embrace individuality and exude fun in everything that we do! After-all, in the end, makeup should always include fun.

Our brand focuses on creating broad color selections to suit anyone's tastes and high quality formulas that will leave a lasting impression. Our products are made with the highest quality ingredients and are vegan and cruelty free! When you purchase from our brand, you're not only supporting a small business with a big heart, you're becoming a part of a family that encourages individuality in the makeup community and stands against the testing and using of animals for beauty.greenkittenbundle3.png

All of our formulations and products are hand crafted, created in-house and packaged with love by us! We carefully package each order like a gift so that when you open it, you feel the love and time that went into your purchase. 

Our success and growth is so important to us, so we highly recommend anyone that has comments, suggestions or concerns about our brand or products to contact us via email at makeupmonsterscosmetics@gmail.com We will always have a listening ear to what you have to say.

Thank you so much for your support!

-Samantha and the Makeup Monsters Team