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New to Matte Liquid Lipsticks?

We're here to help you get the most out of your liquid lipsticks! Please read our helpful tips below on how to achieve the best matte lip.


Smoothest Application:

Make sure to moisturize and exfoliate dead skin from your lips before applying a matte lip. Matte liquid lipsticks accentuate dry spots if not properly cared for before application.


Prevention of Caking/Flaking:

All liquid lipsticks will do this if you over apply/over layer, here's why! Special ingredients in transfer-proof liquid lipsticks work in harmony with the other ingredients to stick to the lips. When you over apply product, there is usually nothing for it to adhere to. So make sure you load the brush properly and use 1 solid swiping motion, making sure not to go over too many times. If you're getting patchiness/streaking, see the next tip below!


Patchy/Streaky Colors:

As much as we wish, not all colors play well when layered over a darker color such as your lips. When applying bold colors such as greens, yellows or very pale colors (nudes/pinks) it is always best to tone down your lip color with a lip primer/concealer/foundation that is similar to your skin tone. This almost always fixes the issue if done properly. 


Drying/Transfer Issues

There a few things that cause drying/transfer issues. When applying liquid lipstick, make sure to fully shake the bottle to mix ingredients, especially after sitting for a long period of time. Heavier ingredients such as pigments will settle to the bottom, while other lighter ingredients that help with smooth application and transfer resistance sit at the top. Too much of one ingredient can cause the product to be too dry, or too sticky.


Other things that cause drying/transfer issues are humidity and oils. If you live in an area that's extremely hot/humid, that can really play a part in how the liquid lipstick stays on your lips. Oils also break down the ingredients of the product, so make sure to avoid oily foods.



 To avoid cracking, make sure your lips are slightly stretched as the product is drying so that it has a chance to fill in the natural lines of your lips and dry in place. Once fully dry, relax your lips and you should not experience any cracking throughout the day.




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